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During this challenging time, our goal is to keep everyone safe and informed while we navigate thru our response to COVID-19.  We have re-opened our showroom utilizing appropriate PPE.  We will continue to offer in-home consultations with the appropriate PPE, as well as virtual appointments. Even during this difficult time we are still here for you, whether you are an existing customer or a potential new one. Our office staff and design team are committed and available via whatever mode is most appropriate. We are proud to be a part of the Vegas community and together, we will weather this crisis. Stay safe, and take care of one another.

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Not Your Grandmother’s Shutters

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Not Your Grandmother’s Shutters

 Shutters have become more sleek and contemporary. While you can still get the traditional shutter look with rods, now you have choices when it comes to not only color but style of shutters too. Shutters are not only beautiful but it may also increase the value of your home. Here are some other reasons why shutters may be the best choice when it comes to your window covering needs:

  1.  Control Your Energy Costs: Many shutters are made of a material called Thermalite. Themalite has been shown to regulate interior temperatures in your home. During the cold winter months, shutters can help keep heating costs low by inhibiting cold drafts from entering the room. During Las Vegas’s hot summer months, shutters can keep the sunshine from penetrating the room and raising the temperature.
  1. Control The Sun: Shutters can control the amount of sunlight you want in each room. Do you need to sleep during the day because you work at night, or do you have little ones that need to nap during the day? Shutters have the ability to block out most of the sun, allowing you and your family to sleep soundly during the day. Controlling the sun can also prolong your furniture and household items. Continued sun exposure can fade your furniture and many other items in your home.
  1. Durability: Shutters can be more costly than other window treatments and may be a reason that some people do not choose them because of the higher cost. Although shutters can be quite costly at the time of purchase, shutters may save you more money in the long run. Shutters are durable and sometimes can outlast regular blinds by 2 to 3 times. You may have to replace those regular blinds several times while shutters can last as long as your home does. In the long run, shutters may be a less expensive option.
  1. Ditch The Dust:Las Vegas is a DUSTY town! While many other window treatments like draperies can be a dust magnet, shutters are easily cleaned and with the wipe of a cloth, the dust is gone. Not only are shutters easy to clean, but they can help keep your home dust free.
  1. Instant Decorative Touch: Shutters are to windows as paint is to walls. If you are looking to add instant style to your windows, but not sure what to do, then shutters are a great choice. Shutters allow you to give your home a decorator feel without a lot of hassle. Picking a neutral color shutter can allow you to change the look of a room over and over again without changing your window treatments.
  1. Bye Bye Nosey Neighbors: Many Las Vegas homes are sandwiched so close together that sometimes you feel like you can literally “reach out and touch someone”. With shutters you can shut out those nosey neighbors whenever needed. With blinds and drapes, your home can still have some visibility from the outside. Shutters offer a great deal of privacy and you can determine how private your home is by adjusting the tilt of the shutters.

There are many more reasons why shutters may be a great fit for your home and family. Call House of Window Coverings for a free estimate to see if shutters are right for you!